Saturday, January 3, 2009

Website idea 13: Build a discussion board about eco-cars

The era of traditionally powered cars are soon inevitably over, as amount of crude oil decreases and amount of pollution increases. One doesn't need a crystal ball to foretell it won't take too many years before majority of new cars are so called eco-cars - hybrid, electric, natural gas, alcohol-powered, you name it . Web developers are already reacting to this new situation - but there is still enough time for you to take advantage of it.

My advice is: set up a discussion board for eco-cars while the competition is still relatively low. You just need to carefully decide the scope of your board. Is it about all the cars that are using some alternative power source? Or only hybrids? Or cars that simply have an electric motor? Or maybe still even more specific topic, like battery technology and mainteinance? You also have to consider whether you make your board in English or some other language. Remember that even thought more rare languages are not spoken by very many people, the amount of a competition is also lower.

The incomes naturally comes from the ads on your site. I assume car-related keywords are relatively valuable.

In the beginning don't make too many different discussion categories, otherwise the few initial users will be scattered around and can't communicate with each other. There are plenty of good forums softwares to choose from, such as Invision Board, vBulletin and phpBB, all easy to use and PHP / MySQL -compatible. You won't probably need dedicated hosting at least initially as most of the traffic are just plain HTML pages that doesn't rob so much bandwidth.

It might be good idea to add also a news section where you collect a hottest news concerning this topic. And also a link section where you can collect the sites of car dealers, repair shops, information sites, news sources and part suppliers.


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