Sunday, October 5, 2008

Website idea 1: Politician promise archive

Politician & celebrity promise archive is a place where promises made by politicians, athletes, artists etc are stored. Site visitors can search celebrities with a keyword and then see what they have promised and when. Later a possibility to comment and rate promises can be added.

This site is useful as especially politicians sometimes regrettably forget what they have promised. So do they voters I'm afraid.

Adding a promise should be made very easy, with just a text box for a sitation, a box for a source URL and a CAPTCHA field.

Technical difficulty:
Easy, some minor PHP/MySQL needed to get started

Worth of keywords:
Low. There will nevertheless be many celebrity names that might have some value.

Amount of mainteinance needed:
Low. Just add "Report content" button, if someone adds inappropriate or faulty information. There shouldn't be need for registration system, CAPTCHA's are probably enough.

Level of competition
Low. At least a query "promises archive" returns almost nothing relevant.


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this is already done on

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