Sunday, October 5, 2008

Website idea 2: Shipwreck wiki for divers

Try to google "shipwreck wiki" and you will end up with nothing. That's good thing for you, because now you have a chance to make a profitable website. How could wrecks be profitable? Because of wealthy wreck divers. I dare to say most of the divers would like to dive to wreck. The number of those who actually does it is significant: just google "wreck diving".

You could list information such as the position of a wreck, a history of it, a condition of it, depth, difficulty/danger, how impressive it is and so on.

In the beginning you can get a lots of information from Wikipedia and sites such as and These are needed to attract an initial user group to work on wiki.

You might also want to include underwater airplane wrecks as well. They too have their own fan base.

Type of the site:

Technical difficulty:
Easy, you just need to install free wiki software.

Worth of keywords:
High. Diving equpment and courses are BLOODY expensive, as well as traveling around the world .

Amount of mainteinance needed:
Medium. Some work is required for creating wiki categories, administrating collaborators and so on.

Level of competition
Low. Only couple of shipwreck encyclopedias online, and none of them seems to be on wiki format.

Revenue is created by:


chrisx16x2008 said...

This is what i have I'm soon going to buy a .com name. tell me what you think.

Teemu Lantta said...

Great, good luck with your enterprise! :) I'll check it out as soon as I can.

Vividh Kothari said...

All I have to say is : "Good Blog and Good Ideas". You should try post something else.

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