Monday, November 10, 2008

Website idea 6: List of 25 most bizarre weapons ever

This is not exactly the kind of idea I described on my previous post but anyway: the name tells it all. Make a relatively small site where you have listed the strangest, most perverted and sometimes laughable weapons ever created. I assume about half of the men are interested in groovy weapons, and half of the population of the Earth are men. Therefore the potential traffic is huge. There are competing sources but usually hard to find, about only one weapon at the time and too boringly scientific.

Just list them one after another, add some photos, a brief description, link to some other source and maybe rating possibility.

It helps if you have some knowledge of history, but you will do allright without it. Start by asking on history forums what is the oddest weapon ever, then choose your favorites and search some information about them. If I may give some hints I would probably choose at least Dr Zippermeyer's Whirlwind Cannon, Goliath tank (pictured), Japanese suicide torpedos and American bat bombs. I also suggest you to check out very entertaining book called My Tank Is Fight.

Keyword value of content wont be enormous, ads will probably be about books, DVDs and radio controlled toy weapons. But the number of visitors would counter this.

Write it either in English or some other major language, both works.

Remember, Digg and other similar social bookmarking sites love this kind of lists and will be very useful making this site popular.


Sasha Gillis said...

I'm going for this one, too! Check out

Teemu Lantta said...

I really enjoyed reading those stories! There were many I haven't heard before. I think this one has a really good potential. If you just succeed with social bookmarking...

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