Sunday, December 7, 2008

Website idea 11: Make a free online job application form for companies

It is very common practise for all kind of companies to have an online job application form on their website. Have you noticed these forms are usually "carbon copies" of each other: they always ask your contact info, work experience, computer skills, education and so on. Therefore we can draw two conclusions: companies are wasting time by always making these forms by themselves as they could use one free universal job form provided by you. And job seekers are wasting time by filling forms one after another, even though they could fill this universal job form once and then use it with several job applications.
Is there already a such services available? At least I couldn't find one and I consider my search engine skills pretty solid.

This might be a service with a potential to grow really big. First look for a companies that don't already have online application form. Contact them and offer the form for free. If they want it, provide them with a piece of code that will insert the form to their site (iframe based or PHP / other programming language). You can make money with extra service that allows them to modify the form, or with ads. Later you can add auxiliary services, such as online psychological evaluations that are so often used by employers and head-hunter agencies nowadays.

When there are enough of these forms online, the job seekers are also starting to get advantage as they could register to service and use once submitted data all over again. I know from experience that filling application forms is really a pain in the ass. This by the way means you will eventually have a huge database of talented job seekers.

If you do everything right you could become a millionare with this. Even if things don't go that well you can still earn handsome amount of money. I have a hunch this could be a service that attracts venture capitalists too.

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bs7280 said...

I think I found a site like whats being described: job application forms for companys

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