Saturday, November 29, 2008

Website idea 10: Unsolved mysteries blog

It seems there are no decent blogs concentrated on unsolved mysteries. Sure, there are blogs about paranormal stuff but I'm afraid Average Joe doesn't find it very interesting. What I'm talking about are real mysteries: something curious has happened without doubt and we have only vague idea of it.

Try to search "unsolved mysteries blog" with Google and you find nothing relevant. However, I managed to find two unsolved mysteries articles from Listverse: here and here. Typically these kind of articles receive only handful of comments by readers. Just take a quick look of the comment count of these two and you start to realise why I'm writing about this topic. You can also compare the popularity of a query "unsolved mysteries" to a query "blogging" (the latter being without doubt very popular).

So, to me it starts to look like you could make a small fortune with the unsolved mysteries blog. You could use all the mysteries listed on those two mentioned Listverse articles. Additionally, I recommend at least these mysteries:

Wow! signal
Unindentified sound "Bloop"
Who really founded "the New World"
Foo fighter phenomena during WWII
What is hidden inside the mausoleum of the first Chinese emperor
Where is the Amber Room
Valentich disappearance
What happened to the Ark of the Covenant


Sasha Gillis said... So this is what I have so far. And thank you for the idea. What do you think? Should the posts be longer?

Teemu Lantta said...

Hi! The site looks nice and has interesting stories. But as you suggested, they might be slightly longer. And also more of them. Then you can just Digg each story separately with a appealing names and voilá! ;)

And one more thing: I noticed each story should have it's own social bookmarking buttons, like Digg-button etc.

Sasha Gillis said...

Thanks so much for your advice! There are now social bookmarking buttons on each post, and from now on, I will make sure that the articles are longer!

R. said...

Thanks for the idea. I aim to create a blog with articles of length 400 - 600 words and useful, high-quality links. What do you think?

Teemu Lantta said...

You are welcome, nice if you liked idea. :) I'll check your site as soon as I can.

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