Saturday, January 10, 2009

Website idea 14: Easy animation application for Facebook

Imagine the world where Facebook users could easily create character animations and send them to other Facebook users. And with "easily" I mean "child-play easily".

To see my "blueprints" please enlarge the attached image. There you can see the easiest possible animation user interface I can imagine. Two stick figures accompanied with their names and a timeline with an ability to pick a command for a character. The commands could be such as "walk in", "jump", "dance", "attack" and "drink". There should definetly also be a "say" -command with an ability to write the line for a character.

I assume many of the videos would be parodies of bosses, politicians, friends, co-workers, movies or any funny accident that have happened to you and your friends.

I'm afraid not all people are creative enough to create funny and entertaining animations with such a crude application. But that's all right. It's enough if even one of the thousand can do it. The rest of the people will act as an audience and redistributors of animations.

If you don't want to develop this software for Facebook there's no reason why this couldn't work as an individual website, where creator of animator can send invitations to friends to come and see their animation. In fact, when I first time figured this idea out I thought the right platform for this would be mobile phones (I might write about it later). However, I believe this would suit best for Facebook and gain the biggest popularity there.

Has anyone ever even tried to create such a concept? The easiest possible animation tool for average Joe? At least I've never heard of such attempts. Therefore, if you think you and your pals can handle the programming and (simple) animation this project requires this could be your way to the stars.


Anonymous said...

nice idea...may same as app called kick

Teemu said...

Thanks :)

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