Saturday, November 28, 2009

Website idea 18: - True stories about meeting a partner

Of all the ideas I have posted here I personally like this one most: a site that allows people to share their stories about finding a "significant one".

On Google, query "where did you meet your" returns 871 000 results. Query "how did you meet your" returns 1 710 000 results. Most of those pages seems to be discussion about where people have find their girlfriends / boyfriends / wifes / husbands / one night stands. Some of the discussion threads I checked out were HUGE and also very entertaining. So there seems to be a great deal of willingness to share and read this kind of stories. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't find a site dedicated to this subject. A site that would collect all those stories together, give user an ability to rate and comment stories and read stories by popularity or type (types could be for example: "result was a marriage", "result was a relationship", "result was a short romance" or "result was a failure").

That's right, you can also allow people to write about true life failed pick up attempts. I'm sure there will be a lot of hilarous ones when you have enough make a list called "20 worst pick up attempts EVER". This is the kind of content that easily caughts an attention of a casual surfer when they arrive on your site. To make things even better, people using Digg or other social bookmarking service are in love with that kind of short, entertaining lists. See? When they arrive en masse, a good portion of them will check out other pages too and maybe even come back later.

To get started, you can write to some popular wedding or relationship discussion board and ask people to tell how they met their partner. Also provide a link to your site and ask a permission to add their answers there (it might be a good idea to talk with a moderator beforehand). Do this on several forums and also trade links with dating sevices etc. This way you will get both stories and visitors. Soon your site will gain enough momentum so that people will start to write their stories directly on your site.

One of the sweetest things of this site is you can fill it with dating- and wedding-related ads which usually have high value.

Some resources you might find useful:
Using weighted rating


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Anonymous said...

Wow, these are some of the worst ideas ever.

Mihai Burduja said...

I will take this idea with your permission. Thank You

Anonymous said...

I'm using this idea :)

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ilyakar said...

Love this idea! i started working on it, i got a feeling this could be pretty big :D

Hey Teemu, since u're a YMG urself, how would u like to help me make ur own idea become a reality?

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