Saturday, March 14, 2009

Website idea 17: A blog about near misses

It seems the FAIL Blog has become very popular. No wonder: it has an original idea and lots of entertaining content that appeal to many people. I wondered if I could come up with somewhat similar idea and the result was this: a blog about near misses with death or serious injury. This blog would be a about extraordinary lucky people who only narrowly avoided a disaster. It could contain videos, images and stories. For example these videos:

Near death by coke bottle
Luckiest guys in the world top 7
Compilation of near misses
Rally car gone wild
Juggernaut vs Police cruiser

And stories:

Man who survived 133 days in a small raft
Man who fell 4 kilometers without parachute and survived
Man who survived WTC collapse inside building
Man who saved himself by amputating his hand

You can easily find more content by searching with suitable keywords (especially on Youtube), by asking people on discussion boards, by user suggestions and by watching tv shows that feature amazing survival stories.

I tried to find such a blog in vain, so this seems to be niche without much competition. The name of a blog could be something like "Near Misses", "Flirting with Death", "Fooling Grim Reaper", "Cheating Death", "Lucky S.O.B of a Day" or something like that.


Anonymous said...

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Teemu Lantta said...

Thanks for the kind words! :) I'll check your site out as soon as I can.

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Teemu said...

Thanks, but I'm afraid you are a robot. :/

Jake said...

Hey Teemu :)

Just wanted to let you know I really enjoyed reading your ideas.

I think I am going to start the "How Did You Meet?" idea. The only competition seems to be which is.. well, not very good.

There is also a large market for it, as shown by 168m results for the search term.

Anyway, long story short, I wondered if you wanted to work together with me on the idea, providing inspiration, comments etc?

Of course if it becomes financially profitable, we'd agree upon a way to divide the proceeds.

Please contact me at


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Eli said...

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