Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Website idea 5: Directory of online stores with international delivery

I have often found very interestning online store and tried to buy something there, only to find out the store delivers only to it's home country or continent (usually USA). Of course there are services like but they are expensive and frustrating.

It would be extremely helpful to have a directory that lists stores providing international shipping. There should be at least name and link of the shop, what does it sell, possibility to rate/comment it, does it ship to European Union, does it ship to Russia, does it ship to USA and so on. And there could be many such directories: not only in English but in Estonian too, for example, since peaople everywhere order from Internet and doesn't necessarily speak English.

The stores with international delivery could be found by asking on forums and by suitable Google search querys, such as "international shipping policy". The worth of keywords on such directory should be very good, as people are really planning to buy something.

1 Comment:

Robert said...

I too have thought of this, and bought a domain name for it - WORLD-WIDE-DELIVERY.COM - if anyone ever wants to partner with me on it.

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