Friday, October 24, 2008

Website idea 4: Space tourism website

If you don't live in
North Korea
you must have heard of on-going space tourism. The current prices are something like 20 million dollars per trip. However, several other companies are rushing to markets, with prices “only” around 100 000 dollars. Although still painful price, there are thousands of people ready to pay it. However, there is no reason to believe the prices will stay on that level forever. When the needed technology is commonplace and there are considerable number of operating companies, we could expect prices such as 5000 - 10 000 dollars per ticket. And it could happen as soon as in ten years.

So why don’t you put up a site about space tourism? There are only couple of such sites right now. Surely you would have liked to be one of the first establishing a site about commercial airplane travel, wouldn’t you? Space tourism site doesn’t necessarily make money immediately but you definitely have a time on your side. Who knows how much you could earn in couple of years. Maybe you can even sell your site with a very good price.

So, all you need to do is collect a large amount of information about space tourism. Write stories about emerging companies, you will get information from Wikipedia and company sites. List prices and estimate future prices. Find out and write how to prepare for a trip. Add a news blog and a discussion forum. Make polls. Tell where to buy a trip. And take all the good ideas your competitor sites have.

Sometimes you can contact space travel companies ask for an interview. They might give it, as it is good PR to them. Also you could ask them to provide you with a pictures and videos (and in the future, maybe a free trip ;).

Type of the site: I suggest some open-source CMS such as Joomla!.

Technical difficulty: Easy, just install your CMS and you are ready to go. Buy some nice template though.

Worth of keywords: I can't estimate the value now, but when the companies start to advertise their trips on Internet the value will be enormous.

Amount of mainteinance needed: Medium/High. You will have to create/search a lot of content to make your site attractive. Also some moderation on possible forum and blog.

Level of competition Low. There seems to be only couple of competing sites.

Revenue is created by: Ads, at least initially.

Localized version feasibility There is probably no need for them at this point.

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Ryan M. said...

im doing it! i'll give you the website when it's done

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