Sunday, October 12, 2008

Website idea 3: true life cure stories

Why aren't there a site that collects stories of people whose sickness was cured? The idea is that people who was cured posts their story to website. The story includes facts about type of a disorder, what kind of remedies and drugs were tried, which of them actually worked, where was a treatment practised, was recovery complete or partial and so on. I expect people to write their stories just out of a joy of their recovery.

That would certainly interest anyone who has some kind of disease or other similar problem. And not just patient but also their relatives, maybe even some doctors. For many disorders and sicknesses there are numeroud different drugs, remedies and therapies. As patients often has some control which they chooses this site could help them a lot. It is also noticable that stories might have an important function of giving a hope to patients.

You could also link appropriate Wikipedia articles to each stories. There should also be a possibility to comment stories and ask questions. The stories could be searched with a keyword or by category.

You could get initial stories to site by writing on suitable discussion boards and asking for such stories and a permission to add them to your site.

Type of the site:
Custom-made dynamic website.

Technical difficulty:
Medium, you need to write a site that can receive and save user submitted stories as well as handle user comments.

Worth of keywords:
High. Your site would probably show ads about drugs, treatments, therapies and so on. They cost a lots of money.

Amount of mainteinance needed:
Medium. You will have to moderate stories to some extent. You might also want to put stories to different categories.

Level of competition
Low. There doesn't seem to be a similar site, at least in English.

Revenue is created by:

Localized version feasibility
As health is something that affects everyone the localized versions might also be popular.

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Anonymous said...

Great idea!!!!!

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