Sunday, October 12, 2008

REMINDER: Three useful tools for you websites

Before posting more website ideas I'd like to present a couple of useful tools for webmasters. If you are going to implement any of my ideas you will benefit from these. All three are for free.
An easy to use CAPTCHA solution for sites with user generated content. Use it to avoid spam and to slow down problem users. You can also use it to hide your email adress from spam bots.
Track how many people visits your site, where they are from, which link they followed to your site, what pages are they clicking etc.
Nowadays social bookmarking is crucial thing to get new visitors to your site. The problem is there are so many services that you will have to spend lots of time to get advantage of them all. Unless, of course, you use AddThis. Just embed a piece of code to your site and your visitors can easily tag your site with their favorite service.


Cameron Brown said...

Thanks A LOT! These helped me a lot with keeping track of my site and getting more and more hits! Visit my site, Net Piranhas! :D

sandy said...

it was actualy nice.. specialy the link which u have provided!!! thanks.. keep it up!!

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