Thursday, November 13, 2008

Website idea 9: Neighborhood rating service

People often have only a vague idea about different neighborhoods. This is bad especially if you are about to find a new apartment but not exactly sure where. You don’t know beforehand if a certain neighborhood has a high or low crime rate, if there is a good or inadequate public transport, if there is a department store or some other service you constantly need.

There seems to be only few sites that allow visitors to rate and comment neighborhoods, and even those are not very well made. So why don’t you build one, especially as there is so much room for this kind of service. Even the smallest countries and states should have a demand for at least one such site.

Each neighborhood would have a page containing rating and comment section, small overview of a neighborhood (this can be taken directly from Wikipedia), pictures, links, map, local announcement & news section and local discussion board. Also there would be a services section, where users and entrepreneurs could add nearby stores and services with contact information.

This might be a grand scale project but you can start with your own city only. When the popularity of the site grows you can accept other cities as well.

It’s especially neat Google Adsense can direct the ads to a certain area/city because it increases your income.

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Anonymous said...

any ideas for a name?

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