Saturday, January 31, 2009

Website idea 16: Gaming site for disabled people

Games for disabled people: did you know there exists such a sub-genre of gaming? When you think of it, isn't it natural that people with visual or hearing impairment, people with motorical problems or people suffering from mild brain damage want to enjoy gaming too.More importantly, gaming can be used very efficiently in rehabilitation of such conditions. Here is one example. I could also link some scientific articles that came to the same conclusion, but as they are only in Finnish they wouldn't be very useful here.The problem is that games designed for this genre are very hard to find. I tried once but failed miserably. With a great effort I managed to found some games scattered around the Internet, but for what I have read there must be a plenty of more, but very poorly marketed. Maybe majority of them are even made as custom-made products that are used only by the organisation that ordered it (what a waste).

So why don't you make an improvement: a portal that lists, reviews and sells such games. There could also be a discussion forum and a news section. That kind of site, with millions of potential users worldwide, would help developers to come to the public with their creations and encourage others to make such games. The site, of course, should be as accessible as possible.In addition to "getting some karma" by helping others to enjoy their life you could cash for the time you have spent by charging a little for every commercial game that is listed to your site, or sold through it.


Anonymous said...

This idea is honestly brilliant. Properly marketed I can seriously imagine a site like this could go as far as get the (people, family & lifestyle oriented) press interested.

Of course the website would first need to gather some fame and trust within the disabled community itself - and not by just gaining gamers, but aiming for link exachanges with all the main associations for disabled).

Teemu Lantta said...

Thanks you for the comment, it's nice you likd it. :) As you said the site should first become popular within its target group, then in the best case gather some media attention.

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